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Who we are

our founder,  Thais Pires

Baker, mother and lover of dogs and many other things 🌈✨

In May 2020  I ended a cycle, closed my bakery in São Paulo, and soon after that I decided to land in Lisbon. It was a whirlwind of feelings and events (not to mention the pandemic), but it's beautiful and blue just like this city.

In February 2021  I started SMØR, a new project that is full of love, just like it was with Thais Cruz Doces all these years.

Life is made of beginnings, which grow, bear fruit and transform.

Living is, among other things,  make all cycles your quest

for better days.

I want to thank you all for the support, affection, messages and hands-on, you are fundamental for this dream to continue following.  And my dream for a sweeter world remains alive and sweet.


Thais Pires

Sobre nós: Sobre nós
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